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May 6, 2024




 PTE EN HRCH UHCH GRCH URO1 AMCH-PTD Endeavor Darkest Just Before Dawn MH RN BN CGC TKN ATT CA SIN SBN SCN WCXDutch Hollow's First to the Party, BN, TD, JH, WC 

1 Black Female available.  Good prospects for any performance event.  Show prospects possible, evaluation at 8 weeks.  

Puppy Questionnaire   


   Sandy McMillan & Justine Embach 


May 2024

HRCH  Wooo Pig Sooie Ima Razorback MH x  Duck Sloughs Maddie Girl's Fancy Reba, SH (1 Master Pass)

2 Yellow Males and 2 yellow Females available.  Good prospects for hunting or any performance event.  Ready to go home the end of June or ealy August


Puppy Questionnaire   


 Fred & Dawn Crowhurst                                                   Ashland, IL                                                                                     217-899-0661




Puppy Questionnaire   




All Purpose Puppies

Sandy McMillan                                                                                       PO Box 78 
Rochester, IL 62563




Sandy McMillan
PO Box 78
Rochester, IL 62563

Good Luck in your Search for that Perfect Puppy!!
I'll happily help if you're interested in anything posted here.