Winterset Jo's Secret Admirer,TD, CD, WC "Addy" was our foundation bitch whose good health records have proven invaluable. She lived 14 1/2 years and was never demanding or self-absorbed. Her love of life and sense of humor will always be remembered. Her loss will be especially felt when we have new babies as she absolutely loved them. Rest well, old girl, you gave me everything I have.


CH Dutch Hollow Hearts Afire, WC, JH, TD OFA  Excellent, PennHip Scores .29/hip, Elbows Normal, Eyes Cleared Whelped 2/18/95 "Ruby" has multiple Specialty wins and placements throughout her conformation career, including Reserve Winners Bitch at Winnebago LRC under Nat Horn. She loves to track and retrieve, but spends most of her retirement years following me from room to room.

CH Dutch Hollow's Blumen Affair, TD, WC, JH OFA Good, PennHIP Score: .35;.30;Elbows Normal, Eyes Cleared, Whelped 5/21/94 "Daisy" is owner/breeder handled and trained for all her titles. She excels in movement, has an excellent nose and a strong retrieving desire. She earned many Specialty placements throughout her conformation career. She has raised two litters of pretty puppies who are doing well in various venues. She has come out of retirement to track and is doing well in advanced tracking work. She is a fun, versatile girl very focused on the task at hand, which these days is a lot of sleeping.

CH Dutch Hollow's Road Scholar, JH, WC, CD (sterile)

OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes Cleared, Whelped 3/24/95 

"Ranger" has multiple Specialty wins and placements on his way to his Championship, including Best in Sweeps at Twin Cities LRC under Chris Kofron, RWD at Winnebago LRC under Terry DePietro, and WD/BOW at Shawnee Mission LRC under Barbara Gilchrist. He is breeder/owner trained for all performance events and is now working towards his Companion Dog Excellent and tracking titles. He is biddable, eager to please and a true "love".

Dutch Hollow Storm Cat, WC, CD, SH, VPM, (ptd)
OFA Good, PennHIP Score .52/hip, Elbows Normal, Eyes Cleared, 12/11/01-5/15/14

"Kitty" was a feminine bitch with lots of retrieving drive and working ability. She was pointed in the breed ring and received  several Specialty placements including Best Bred By at the 2003 Shawnee Mission LRC show under Jens Eric Sonderup of Denmark. She was an excellent producer giving us many talented puppies who earned her the first Versatile Producer of Merit Award given to her by the National Labrador Retriever Club.   She was very special and is dearly missed.

Dutch Hollow Hearts R Wild, WC, TDX, CD, JH, (ptd)
OFA Excellent; PennHip Scores .30 & .35; Elbows Normal;
Eyes Cleared
Annually; 2/18/02-10/12/13

"Peaches", born on Friday the 13th, had a rough start as the only surviving puppy in her litter. She was my special soulmate with a strong desire to please; finished her CD with a High Lab in Trial award. She loved to track and did so with great focus and determination.  She was a happy, devoted woman who taught me a ton.  Miss you "Peachy". 

MBISS CH Touchstone August Reign at Dutch Hollow, WC, CD, JH, RN 
(CH Dickendall Arnold x Touchstone Love Letter) Breeder: Judy Berg
OFA Excellent, PennHip Scores .28/hip, Elbows Normal, Eyes Cleared Annually, Optigen A-1, Neutered, Whelped 6/24/00

"Augie" was lots of fun in the breed ring with multiple Specialty placements including Best in Sweepstakes and Winner's Dog at the 2001 LRC National under judges Mary Feazell and Doug Windsor, respectively. He finished with two back-to-back 4 point Majors shown by breeder Judy Berg. He won Best of Breed at the 2002 Twin Cities and 2003 Shawnee Mission Specialties. Thanks to Judge Norine Cartwright and Jens Eric Sonderup of Denmark for such memorable awards. Augie sired two Master Hunters, a two time Master National Qualifyer and a Senior Hunter MACH recipient.  He has Champion grandkids also training in multiple venues. Photo by Laura Reich

BPISS CH Dutch Hollow's Tip Top, AWC, SH, CD, TD 
(Touchstone Pop-A-Top at Rozzay, JH x CH Dutch Hollow's Blumen Affair, TD, JH, WC)
OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal, Optigen A-1, Whelped 12/02/02

"Topper" had multiple Specialty placements including a Best Puppy at GDLRC under Diane Pilbin. He finished going BOB over Specials for a 5 point Major handled by Laura King.  Topper was a very devoted dog, hard driving, with a strong desire to please. July 2006 he was given a part in the movie, "Meet Bill" which he seemed to really enjoy. I can still see those loving eyes watching me.  Photo by Mary Roseberry

Dutch Hollow's SophistiCat (Spayed), WC 
Whelped 12/02/02

"Sophie" is a sweet remake of her mother. She had double knee surgery as a young girl and then wound herself around Stu's finger. She became Queen of her domain and rulled with the eye, never more. She found other work as she was above all the silly games her lowly relatives played. These jobs included estate surveillance (no cats or squirrels allowed), bed warmer, dish washer, truck navigator, leader of the "walk in the woods" pack, food taste tester and puppy monitor. With her passing she has left a huge void as no one carries the same air of entitlement and priviledge that Sophia did. What royalty she possessed.