HR CH Dutch Hollow's Man About Town, BN, WC, RA, TD, TKA, ACT 1J, CGC, MH (By) (GCH ptd)                         

(U-CH Dutch Hollow's City Slicker, AWC, JH, RA, TD x CT Dutch Hollow's True Blue, CC, AWC, SH. Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal.  Echocardiogram, Normal. Eyes Cleared Annually, EIC, HNPK, CNM, SD2 and DM Clear; Copper Tox Clear, Protective Mutation Positive.  D-Locus and PRA Clear by Parentage. 

Duncanweb4"Duncan" is a moderate sized boy who is great fun to work.  I began showing him to make points for another male I bred, but Duncan kept beating him.  After he won his class at a major, I handed him off to Handler Sarah Zwicker-Close so that I could stay on my other maIe.  Duncan and Sarah won, not the dog I was handling.  After that surprise, I decided to get serious and sent him to Daybreak Kennel where Professional handlers Laura King and Robin Novak finished him.   I am very grateful to these three women for helping me bring out the best in this versatile boy.  He is now spending time in the field where he has finished his Master Hunter title and has earned three Finished passes in the HRC Hunt Test Program.  We intermittently visit the show ring where he recently took a Group 4 in the OH Group Ring.   Duncan loves working with his Mom no matter the venue.  He is ready for his TDX, more Rally titles, Novice Obedience and Agility.  We are so busy.  Love this boy's trainablity and focus.  Duncan is producing pretty puppies with super focus, eagerness to learn and the love of field work.  I am very proud of his first litter with three becoming service dogs trained and placed by Silver State Service Dogs.  Available to approved bitches.  Stud Fee $2000.  Photo by Cheryl Ertelt


Blazing Red Rocket Man, JH, SH (1 MH Leg)

(Black Powder's Blazing Red Flame, MH34, MHN x Woodstock's Fowl Minded). Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal., EIC Carrier, D-Locus, HPNK Clear CMN & PRA Clear by Parentage   Whelped 10/31/2017.                                                                                                                                                                       

Rocky lives to retrieve and will do so endlessly.  He resides with coowner, Todd Rankin who keeps him sharp hunting during the fall and winter.  The rest of the year he trains with me working on Master concepts.  He is an excellent marker, flashy retriever and handling well.  I expect this young man to be lots of fun for both Todd and I. Linked below is a video of his Senior Water work judged by Sheila and Mark Holcomb in June 2020.  The video was started a little late so the viewer does not see the marks.  Available to approved bitches.    Stud Fee $1200.                                                       Photo by Justine Embach                                            IMG 3988

Pedigree          Senior Water Test June 2020          Master Land Series September 2022


RolliesmCH Dutch Hollow's High Roller, WC, JH, SH, (1 MH Leg)  (Retired)
(BISS CH Ghostone Boomtown, JH x Dutch Hollow's Charismatic, CD, MH, RN, WCX), Normal Eye Exams, Optigen: A, EIC & CNM Clear, OFA Hips Good, PennHip .3 both hips, Normal Elbows, Cardiac Echo Normal, Sterile. Whelped 10/10/10.

Rolley is a happy, bouncy boy who keeps us entertained until its time to retrieve. He loves his birds, marks well and has tons of drive. He finished with three Majors at specialties under Elizabeth Muthard, Pierry McLean and Linda Vaughn.  He is retired from the breed ring to focus on his performance titles.  He has been retired by coowner Dave Jamsion who loves this burly boy.  Seems his hearing has effected his performance.  Rolley is sterile and not available for breeding.    

Picture by Mary Roseberry

Pedigree     Master Land Water Series


Willie2websmDutch Hollow's Simply Wild, SH, TKN, TKI (ptd)  (2 Rally Novice Legs) , (TD Certified)
(CH Bruno Banani Belle Mare x BOSS GCH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, CD, WC, RA, MH, TDX, VPM) Eyes Cleared Annually; OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal; PennHip DI: .3 and .34.; Echocardiogram Normal; EIC, MCD, SD2, D-Locus & HNPK Clear; PRA & CNM Clear by Parentage, Copper Tox Clear, Protective Mutation Positive; Long Coated Gene Carrier. Whelped 6/25/16

"Willie", formally "William" is a sweet Mama's boy who would love to be a full time lap dog.  His other favorite passtime is playing with best friend Hazel.  He has matured slowly as life has been one big game for this character.  He has grown into a more serious boy who is tracking well and handling nicely on Senior blinds.  Love this clown who keeps me in stitches wondering what he's thinking up next.  Available to approved bitches.  Stud Fee $1500.   Photo by Justine Embach.



 Dutch Hollow's Traveling Man of Dublin, TD, WC, TKN, JH  (1 Rally Novice Leg) (By)                                                                                                                                             (CH Dutch Hollow's Man About Town, CGC, WC, SH, RI, TD, TKN, TKI, TKA, ACT 1J, CGC  x  Barren River Dixie on My Mind, SH)                                                                                                                                                                      JEM 6929sm                                                                                                                                                                          

 "Travis" loves to work and is always ready to train. He literally ran his first TD at age 11 months finishing the track successfully in 7 minutes dragging me behind.   He then went back to work in the hunt test fields to complete his Junior Hunter title going four straight tests at 14 months.  This year we are working on obedeince and rally titles during bad weather but aiming for his Senior Hunter title this season.  He is steady, doing multiple marks well and progressing nicely on his handling skills.  He is full of energy and eager to work so I expect lots of  fun ahead.   Whelped 3/2/2021. Altered.      Photo taken by Justine Embach