Dutch Hollow's Man About Town, WC, JH, TD (Ptd) (By)                          

(U-CH Dutch Hollow's City Slicker, AWC, JH, RA, TD x CT Dutch Hollow's True Blue, CC, AWC, SH,). Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal.  Echocardiogram, Normal. Eyes Cleared Annually, EIC, HNPK, CNM and DM Clear. D-Locus and PRA Clear by Parentage. 

WDApr2017web"Duncan" is a moderate sized boy who is great fun to work.  He earned his Working Certificate at the National LRC Specialty when he was 8 months old and his Junior Hunter title the following spring at 14 months.  He loves working in the field and currently has his first Senior Hunter Leg.  We will continue to hone his marking and handling skills hoping to finish Senior this year.  He loves to track, usually tries to run his tracks no matter conditions.  Finished his TD in tough conditions and is ready for TDX.  He is working with his co-owner Kara Hinsman on agility foundations and progressing nicely.   Duncan is producing puppies with super focus, eagerness to learn and work for their owners.  


U-CH Dutch Hollows City Slicker,AWC,JH,TD, RA (By)(Maj Ptd) (CH Gateway's Paint the Town x Dutch Hollow Storm Cat, CD, SH, AWC, VPM). BY.  PennHip Scores: .48/.52 OFA LR-178602F28M; Elbows Normal; Eyes Cleared Annually; Heart Normal, Optigen A-, EIC Carrier, D-Locus Clear. Whelped 8/3/06.

Tyler has grown into a handsome man who loves to get the duck!! He is sweet, cuddly and loves everyone. He has 12 AKC show points including one Major and his UKC Championship. He is semi-retired, but still enjoys his tracking days.  Ty has produced beautiful puppies who like to work.                                                                    


RolliesmCH Dutch Hollow's High Roller, WC, SH
(BISS CH Ghostone Boomtown, JH x Dutch Hollow's Charismatic, CD, MH, RN, WCX), Normal Eye Exams, Optigen: A, EIC & CNM Clear, OFA Hips Good, PennHip .3 both hips, Normal Elbows, Cardiac Echo Normal, Sterile. Whelped 10/10/10.

Rollie is a happy, bouncy boy who keeps us entertained until its time to retrieve. He loves his birds, marks well and has tons of drive. He finished with three Majors at specialties under Elizabeth Muthard, Pierry McLean and Linda Vaughn.  He is retired from the breed ring to focus on his performance titles.  He is working on his Master Hunter title, has 1 Master pass so far and tracking  when the weather is cool.  Rollie is sterile and not available for breeding.     Pedigree                                          

Willie1Yr617webDutch Hollow's Simply Wild, JH (ptd)
(Bruno Banani Belle Mare x GCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, WC, RA, SH, TDX, VPM) Eyes Cleared as a Puppy; Preliminary Hip & Elbow X-Rays Normal; EIC & HNPK Clear; D-Locus, PRA & CNM Clear by Parentage, Long Coated Gene Carrier. Whelped 6/25/16

"Willie", formally "William" is a sweet Mama's boy who would love to be a full time lap dog.  His other favorite passtime is playing with best friend Hazel.  He has started tracking and doing well.  Loves to retrieve, is force trained and collar conditioned in preparation for spring hunt tests. Love his look, hoping he will grow into those legs.     


RiverWebsmDutch Hollow's Simply Believe, JH (ptd). (Bruno Banani Belle Mare x GCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, WC, TDX, SH, RA, VPM) Eyes cleared as a Puppy; EIC & HNPK Clear; D-Locus, PRA &CNM Clear by Parentage, Long Coated Gene Carrier. Whelped 6/25/2016.

"River" has grown into a very handsome boy who likes to retrieve and earned his Junior Hunter title around his first birthday.  He enjoys showing and moves nicely in the ring.  He also enjoys tracking and is currently working with his co-owner who is preparing him for his Tracking Dog title.  He can be very silly or a little troublemaker.  What do you expect from a young boy!!