Tipsy Dutch Hollow's First To The Party, BN JH TKN TKI RN TD CGC WC CC
(GCH CH Honorbright Dunn's Marsh Song and Dance, RA, SH, TKN, FDC, RATCHX, C8S, AWC x   Dutch Hollow's Slick As A Whistle, SH, TDX, TKN, WC, Whelped 9/14/2018. Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal; HPNK Clear; EIC, HNPK, PRA, CNM & D-Locus Clear by Parentage. 

"Tipsy" is a bigger remake of her mother, very sweet, very eager to track and retrieve.  She began her field career young and seriously worked to earn her JH before her first birthday.  She, like her mother and grandmother is a slow maturing girl so her show career lies ahead as she matures.   She is working on both her TDX and her SH making 2024 a fun filled year.  Photo by Justine Embach.


SHR Emerald Glen's Bridge to Dutch Hollow, BN* TKN JH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (CH Dutch Hollow's Man About Town, BN TD RA MH TKA, ACT J1 WC CGC                                                                                                                                                                                                                 x Emerald Glen's Somewhere in Time, CGC, RI, TKN). Whelped 7/12/2021                                             

"Bridget is a pistol...fearless and fun.  She learns quickly by 14 weeks she had begun both tracking and field work.                                                                                                                                         On bad  weather days we work on puppy obedience and toys.    She is coowned with breeder Sandy Nelson of Emerald                                                                                                               Glen Labradors in MI who I thank for such a well socialized, happy girl.  We plan lots of fun things ahead with this young girl.  Pedigree          Photo at 8 months taken by Justine Embach.     *Pending AKC Approval

                                                                                                                                                                                                      JEM 8368sm                                                                                                                            


CarleysmBOSS GCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, CD TDX RA MH WC TKN TKI VPM
(BISS CH Ghostone Boomtown, JH x Dutch Hollow's Charismatic, MH, WCX, CD), OFA Good, Elbows Normal, PennHIP .32/hip, Eyes Cleared Annually, Echocardiogram Normal, EIC Carrier, HNPK, CNM & D-Locus Clear. Whelped 10/10/10.

Carly has done well in the show ring with multiple placements at specialties including Winners Bitch and BOSS under Laura Dedering at the Badger Labrador Retriever Club specialty March 2014.  She earned her second major to finish under Pluis Davern going BOB over specials from the classes.   She finished her Grand Champion title under breeder judge Diane McClurg earning points from occasional visits to the show ring.  She loves to work in any venue, finishing her MH, CD and TDX.   She is on LRC's small list of GCH MHs of which I am very proud.  She has produced some very promising kids who are following in her footsteps.  Her daughters, Cora and Kellie, born in 2014 have met basic requirements to put Momma on the honored LRC list of Versatile Producers of Merit. Thank you Jane Haynes for all the  good work you do with Cora to help make this Special Award possible. Adding to her merit as a producer of working show dogs, she has kids, Bodhi, Clipper, River, Callie, Claire and Willie nearing that list alongside Cora and Kellie.  Very proud of this girl and all she has given me.                                                                                                                                               Pictured at 10 by Mary Roseberry                


DutchHollowKellie18webDutch Hollow's Simply Because, BN TD JH WC CC RI TKN TKI CGC  (Major ptd)
(MBISS GCH CH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble, WC x GCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, WC, RA, TDX, MH, TKI, VPM) PennHIP Score .39 each hip, PRA, HNPK, CNM & D-Locus Clear. EIC & Long Coated Gene Carrier. OFA Good, Elbows Normal
, Eyes Cleared Annually. Whelped 9/21/14.

"Kellie " is a fun loving, silly girl who doesn't seem to take life very seriously.  However, she is a smart active girl who loves to work.  She finished her Junior Hunter title easily, marking well and running stylishly to her birds.  She also tracks enthusiastically, passing her first test in January 2015.  Kellie has sadly been retired from the show ring following an emergent C-Section and spay for her first litter.  She has recovered nicely and gone back to work in both the tracking and hunting fields.                                                     


Tootsieweb2Dutch Hollow's Slick As A Whistle, CD TDX SH RA TKN TKI CGC WC (ptd)
(U-CH Dutch Hollow's City Slicker,  TD, AWC, RA, AWC, JH <major ptd> x CT Dutch Hollow's True Blue, CC, SH, AWC) EIC, HNPK, PRA, CNM & D-Locus Clear, Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal; Eyes Cleared Annually. Whelped 3/19/2015.

"Tootsie" is a serious little worker.  She loves to retrieve and marks very well earning her Junior Hunter title spring 2016. She is currently workin on her Master Hunter title intermittently.  She loves to track and is proving to be as good as her Momma, passing her TD and TDX tests on her first tries.  She loves VST tracks which we practice when weather is cool and field training isn't practical.  Tootsie is an affectionate girl who enjoys beating up brother Duncan better than anything else.   I now regret not campaigning her in the breed ring because as a mature girl she looks terrific other than the gray!                 


Claire9MoswebsmCH Dutch Hollow's Simply OverJoyed, BN* TD SH TKN TKI CGC RN WC  
(GCH CH Honorbright Dunn's Marsh Song and Dance, RA, SH, TKN, FDC, RATCHX, C8S, AWC X GCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming, CD, WC, RA, MH, TDX, VPM); Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal, EIC, HPNK, Long Coated Gene Clear; CMN & D-Locus Clear by Parentage. Whelped 8/28/2018. 

Claire is following in her Mom's footsteps in that she has multiple interests and is eagerly working in the tracking and hunting fields while enjoying trips to the conformation ring periodically.  By 8 months she had earned specialty class placements, two all breed BOB wins from the 6-9 month puppy class, a Sporting Group 2 from the classes and in January 2024 she earned a 4 point Major at an LRC Specialty in Jackson, Mississippi where she was awarded WB, BOW, BBBE and BOBOH.  She now just needs a Major to finish.   She earned her Junior Hunter title in four straight tests before her first birthday and her Senior title in between trips to the show ring.  She tracks well finding her perfect track in Kentucky February 2023.  She is my cute little sweetheart.  Picture taken by Justine Embach

Pedigree       *Pending AKC Approval

HazelwebDutch Hollow's RFC Witch Hazel, BN TD RI MH CG TKN TKI 

(U-CH HRCH Brownwaterdogs RFC Raising Cain, MH, CGC x RFC's Tell It Like It Is, CGC, SH) Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal. Eye Exam Normal, HNPK, PRA & D-Locus Clear; CNM & EIC Clear by Parentage. Whelped 7/24/16

"Hazel" has been a promising addition to our breeding program. At 9 weeks she was retrieving full grown mallards in water and delivering to hand.  She earned her Junior Hunter title in four straight tests earning her title at 9 months, finished her Senior despite her bad habit of coming into season during testing season and has been running Master tests well finishing her Master title and now working on her HRCH.  As a puppy, Hazel began her tracking career enthusiastically by finishing her TD in March at 7 months.  She is now ready and waiting to get into a TDX test to continue her tracking campaign.  She loves doing obedience with me which will be our off season activity.  .