At Dutch Hollow, dogs are evaluated to establish current training level, then a customized training program is developed to achieve the owner's goals.  Each dog's basic training program includes basic obedience, bird handling skills and marking on both land and water settings.  Dogs can participate in a residential training program or can be owner trained with private and group training sessions.  Training categories and skills taught at each level are:  

Basic (Junior/ Puppy)

    Basic Obedience
    E-collar Conditioning
    Land and Water Singles
    Force Training/Proper Bird Handling
    Introduction to Guns, Decoys & Holding Blinds
    Exposure to Varying Terrain and Cover

Advanced Level 1 (Senior)

    Off Leash Obedience
        Walk Up Marks
        Steadiness on the Line
    Simple Land and Water Doubles
    Sitting to the Whistle
    Handling Drills
        Pile Work
        Casting, Overs and Backs
        Baseball Drills
        Wagon Wheel Drills
        Swim-By Water Handling Drills
    Water Decheating Drills
    Sight Blinds
    Simple Senior Blinds, Land and Water

Advanced Level 2 (Master)

    Land and Water Triples
        Inline Marks
        Hip Pocket Marks
        Wipe Out Birds
        Breaking Birds
        Handling on Marks
        Delayed Marks
        Inverted Triples    
        Out-of-Order Triples
        Retired Gunners
        Exposure to Increasingly Difficult Variations of Terrain, Wind & Cover
        Advanced Handling Drills
            Double "T" Field
            Angle Backs
        Blind Concepts
            Double Blinds
            Blinds Under the Arc of the Fall
            Poison Bird Blinds
            Diversion Birds

Training Fees:

Initial Evaluation & Training Plan: $50
Private Lessons: $50/hour
Residential Training: $200 / Week (no weekends)
                   $250 / Week Including weekends)
Training with Group: $10/Session/Dog
Live Flyers:  Priced Per Bird at Purchase Rate

Seminar for Groups: Cost Negotiable Plus Expenses  "An Amateur's Map to Master"

Call or email Sandy McMillan for further details, assessment, appointment or training schedule.                           Feedback "Forever Grateful"