Dutch Hollow has been a safe haven for over 350 rescued and needy dogs.  "Giving Back" has enabled me to learn how to read canine body language and learn techniques to help rehabilitate and re-home unfortunate, poorly socialized, untrained, misunderstood or frustrated dogs.  Using concepts taught by Pat Miller, Cesar Milan, Karen Pryor, Jean Donaldson, Suzanne Clothier and Patricia McConnell,  I continue to offer evaluation and training for problem dogs.  Many issues are rooted in the relationship between the dog and his owner, so making changes in an owner's approach is the surest way to modify a dog's behavior.  Part of my rehabilitative efforts include daily runs with a balanced, trained pack to build a proper pack leader relationship, to reduce stress, to improve fitness, to promote good canine social skills, and to practice obedience skills.  Residential behavior modification is available on a limited basis.     
Training Fees:

Initial Evaluation & Training Plan: $50
Private Lessons: $50/hour
Residential Training: $200 / Week (no weekends)
                   $250 / Week (Including weekends)

Seminar for Groups: Cost Negotiable Plus Expenses


Call or email Sandy McMillan for further details, assessment, appointment or training schedule.                           Feedback "Forever Grateful"